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I don't know about you, but I love Pinterest.  I just really love the visual inspiration I get every time I open up the app/website, and I know that if I'm looking for something, I'll most likely find it there (if not, there's always Google!).  I especially love browsing all of the neat and often ingenious organizing ideas I can find on Pinterest.  

If you'd like to check out achievOrganized's Pinterest boards, click HERE.  I'm still working on building up more boards, but I like to pin ideas for different areas of organization, and I have also put up some before/afters of previous projects (more of those to come!!). 

So in the spirit of my love for Pinterest, I have decided to start a blog series where I pick several tips & tricks that I've found on Pinterest, or on other websites/blogs and will be pinning to either my business or personal boards (you can see my personal Organization board HERE).  Occasionally, there may be a tip or two from yours truly.  

Without further ado, here are a few of the "Top Tips" I've seen around Pinterest this week:


File, Don't Pile!

I have been "filing" my folded clothes for several years now, and it really does make it so much easier to see what you have.  And it also makes it much easier to put your clothes away after washing.  Somehow "filed" clothes take up less space than "piled" clothes.  No extra time taken to fold them a little differently, but loads of extra time saved when you're trying to find that perfect comfy T-shirt!

Shoe Organizers -- NOT Just for Shoes!
This is another thing I have been doing for a while.  I discovered that it is much easier to get your windex or Lysol wipes out of a pocket on the back of the door than reaching into a dark, cavernous under-sink cabinet...
I love this idea for more than just cleaning products too -- electronic components, small toys (my 5 year old has one on her closet door that holds everything from flip flops to her brush & comb, from her TV remotes to small stuffed friends -- all of that would be on the floor if not for our friend, the shoe organizer).
This is a very cost-effective solution for so many different organizing challenges around your home.  Love it.

Make it a Magnet!
While this wouldn't make much sense for things you don't use often, I love the idea of putting makeup (or craft supplies or spice jars) onto a magnetic board to get them up off the counter.  You can get a roll of magnet-tape from craft or office supply stores, cut a little piece and stick it to your compacts, a small tin of paper clips -- even better if it's an upcycled Altoids tin! -- a small pencil cups to corral brushes (as pictured) or pens, or even pipe cleaners!  This organizing solution has so many possibilities, and if you make (or buy) a cute board to put everything on, what was once clutter is now ART!

A Hard-Working Lazy Susan.
This is one of those "duh" moments, where I should have been doing this forever, but I just recently got a couple lazy susans (small ones, I think they were about $6 each from Target) and put them in my corner cabinet -- the cabinet which has been the bane of my existence since we bought the house 6 years ago.  But now, it's easy to get to the things we use most often; and now I'm loving the idea of using one in the fridge!  We have a pretty small fridge, and things that get shoved to the back tend to stay there... But I can see us actually eating the pickles and remembering that we already have sour cream for taco night instead of buying a new one...
These turntables aren't just for the kitchen though.  Anywhere you have a deep cabinet (or closet shelf), you can put one of these bad boys (girls?) to work.  In the bathroom to hold hair products or first-aid supplies?  In the laundry room to store your array of stain removers?  Maybe even on your desk, if you're like me and have a fetish for colorful Sharpie markers & Flair felt-tips -- reuse some soup cans and sort them on the lazy susan by color! 

Stow & Go.
Yet another organizing solution I implement in my own home.  (Sort of -- I have two Command hooks on the inside of one cabinet holding my measuring spoons & cups)
Put up a piece of cork (home improvement & craft stores will have it -- or even use some Command strips to hang a small cork or dry erase board) for a quick and easy "landing spot" inside a cupboard.  A great place for wedding invitations, coupons to use, and important phone numbers!  They've used this one for their measuring spoons & cups, too, but I have seen others around the web (and Pinterest) that did a whole cabinet of what would normally be on the side of your refrigerator.  I love to tuck things away and have a streamlined look in the kitchen.  
This would also work on the back of a daughter's closet door, put up a corkboard, some cute push pins (Target $1 spot always has decorative ones) and hang up jewelry, photos of friends, concert ticket stubs, and other girly impedimenta :)  Then close the door and the room is calm and clutter-free once again!

So what are your favorite tips from this post?  Do you love Pinterest as much as I do??  No?  Well come back each Tuesday for another round up of organizing tips and maybe I'll turn you into a Pinterest-aholic, yet.

If you're ready to tackle your clutter/junk/mess/stuff -- contact achievOrganized Co. today for a FREE consultation!!



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