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I was reading a blog post by Becky at Organizing Made Fun called "Dealing with Junk Mail", which was contributed by Jill of  Jill explains three important ways to reduce the mounds of junk mail in your box every day -- which will in turn reduce the piles of paper on your kitchen counter! :)

1.  Check out - a website with a page on junk mail CHOCK FULL of helpful tips & ways to reduce the amount you receive.  There are so many great resources and ideas.  

2.  Memorize and use this statement: "Do not rent, sell, or trade my name or address."
When you're filling out any kind of application, raffle form or warranty, write this next to your information.   Likewise, make sure to use this sentence when you are ordering online or by phone.  Now, I'm not sure that this works even 50% of the time, I'm not sure if it's legally binding, the page doesn't give any backup or reference for how this actually works.  BUT it can't hurt to let people and businesses know your preference to NOT receive this type of mailing.  

3. PaperKarma app - it's a free app that lets you take a picture of the junk mail you don't want and then they notify the sender to take you off their mailing list.  I haven't personally tried it, but I just downloaded it on my phone and can't wait to see what crap is in my mailbox today that I can scan & hopefully never see again!  Check out this video where PaperKarma was featured on the Today Show.

Take a look at this infographic, found in the "press" area of paperkarma's website.  I'm not a tree-hugger necessarily, but I do appreciate the many benefits of reducing paper waste.  (and I really love infographics!)



09/16/2015 12:11pm

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Sending mail is not a trend anymore. Before, that's the only way we can communicate with the people we love who happened to be living in a place far away from us. I was thinking that when sending mail stops, that is also a perfect time where paper waste would lessen too. But until now, I am surprised to know that this is still a big issue we need to resolve! I am hoping that the government will find some ways on how to solve it!

09/16/2015 5:04pm

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02/24/2017 8:02pm

I'm not saying that anything that's made of paper should be abolished, but if it means saving our environment, then I'd like to think it's going to be a sacrifice for our lives. In this world we are living today, let's always choose what's good for our environment. This is one of the many benefits living in a digital age, we can help saving our environment. By the way, I tried PaperKarma app, and honestly, it helped me a lot!

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