<![CDATA[achievorganized co. - Blog]]>Mon, 19 Feb 2018 11:19:42 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Top Tips Tuesday - Vol. 1]]>Tue, 28 Apr 2015 15:33:36 GMThttp://aorganized.com/1/post/2015/04/top-tips-tuesday-vol-1.htmlI don't know about you, but I love Pinterest.  I just really love the visual inspiration I get every time I open up the app/website, and I know that if I'm looking for something, I'll most likely find it there (if not, there's always Google!).  I especially love browsing all of the neat and often ingenious organizing ideas I can find on Pinterest.  

If you'd like to check out achievOrganized's Pinterest boards, click HERE.  I'm still working on building up more boards, but I like to pin ideas for different areas of organization, and I have also put up some before/afters of previous projects (more of those to come!!). 

So in the spirit of my love for Pinterest, I have decided to start a blog series where I pick several tips & tricks that I've found on Pinterest, or on other websites/blogs and will be pinning to either my business or personal boards (you can see my personal Organization board HERE).  Occasionally, there may be a tip or two from yours truly.  

Without further ado, here are a few of the "Top Tips" I've seen around Pinterest this week:


File, Don't Pile!

I have been "filing" my folded clothes for several years now, and it really does make it so much easier to see what you have.  And it also makes it much easier to put your clothes away after washing.  Somehow "filed" clothes take up less space than "piled" clothes.  No extra time taken to fold them a little differently, but loads of extra time saved when you're trying to find that perfect comfy T-shirt!

Shoe Organizers -- NOT Just for Shoes!
This is another thing I have been doing for a while.  I discovered that it is much easier to get your windex or Lysol wipes out of a pocket on the back of the door than reaching into a dark, cavernous under-sink cabinet...
I love this idea for more than just cleaning products too -- electronic components, small toys (my 5 year old has one on her closet door that holds everything from flip flops to her brush & comb, from her TV remotes to small stuffed friends -- all of that would be on the floor if not for our friend, the shoe organizer).
This is a very cost-effective solution for so many different organizing challenges around your home.  Love it.

Make it a Magnet!
While this wouldn't make much sense for things you don't use often, I love the idea of putting makeup (or craft supplies or spice jars) onto a magnetic board to get them up off the counter.  You can get a roll of magnet-tape from craft or office supply stores, cut a little piece and stick it to your item...makeup compacts, a small tin of paper clips -- even better if it's an upcycled Altoids tin! -- a small pencil cups to corral brushes (as pictured) or pens, or even pipe cleaners!  This organizing solution has so many possibilities, and if you make (or buy) a cute board to put everything on, what was once clutter is now ART!

A Hard-Working Lazy Susan.
This is one of those "duh" moments, where I should have been doing this forever, but I just recently got a couple lazy susans (small ones, I think they were about $6 each from Target) and put them in my corner cabinet -- the cabinet which has been the bane of my existence since we bought the house 6 years ago.  But now, it's easy to get to the things we use most often; and now I'm loving the idea of using one in the fridge!  We have a pretty small fridge, and things that get shoved to the back tend to stay there... But I can see us actually eating the pickles and remembering that we already have sour cream for taco night instead of buying a new one...
These turntables aren't just for the kitchen though.  Anywhere you have a deep cabinet (or closet shelf), you can put one of these bad boys (girls?) to work.  In the bathroom to hold hair products or first-aid supplies?  In the laundry room to store your array of stain removers?  Maybe even on your desk, if you're like me and have a fetish for colorful Sharpie markers & Flair felt-tips -- reuse some soup cans and sort them on the lazy susan by color! 

Stow & Go.
Yet another organizing solution I implement in my own home.  (Sort of -- I have two Command hooks on the inside of one cabinet holding my measuring spoons & cups)
Put up a piece of cork (home improvement & craft stores will have it -- or even use some Command strips to hang a small cork or dry erase board) for a quick and easy "landing spot" inside a cupboard.  A great place for wedding invitations, coupons to use, and important phone numbers!  They've used this one for their measuring spoons & cups, too, but I have seen others around the web (and Pinterest) that did a whole cabinet of what would normally be on the side of your refrigerator.  I love to tuck things away and have a streamlined look in the kitchen.  
This would also work on the back of a daughter's closet door, put up a corkboard, some cute push pins (Target $1 spot always has decorative ones) and hang up jewelry, photos of friends, concert ticket stubs, and other girly impedimenta :)  Then close the door and the room is calm and clutter-free once again!

So what are your favorite tips from this post?  Do you love Pinterest as much as I do??  No?  Well come back each Tuesday for another round up of organizing tips and maybe I'll turn you into a Pinterest-aholic, yet.

If you're ready to tackle your clutter/junk/mess/stuff -- contact achievOrganized Co. today for a FREE consultation!!

<![CDATA[3 Tips for Using a Planner]]>Mon, 06 Apr 2015 17:29:01 GMThttp://aorganized.com/1/post/2015/04/3-tips-for-using-a-planner.htmlHow do you keep your schedule?  Do you have a monthly calendar hanging in your kitchen, overflowing with scribbled appointments & birthdays?  Do you have a pocket-sized date book or a large, expensive FiloFax?  It really doesn't matter what tool you use to keep up with your busy schedule -- as long as it WORKS for you.  So, is it working for you?

Raise your hand if this scenario sounds familiar:
You get a planner at the beginning of the new year and fill in all of your important dates: birthdays, anniversaries, annual appointments you already know about.  Then for the next few months, you write nothing in your planner.  You don't plan out your months/weeks/days and you can't figure out why you never have enough time for anything or why you missed that dentist appointment.  It's happened to most people; myself included.  

Here are three tips for keeping up with your schedule:

1.  Plan to Plan.  Specify a time each week (Sunday night perhaps?) to plan out your week, or at least the next few days.  Fill in daily to-dos that don't necessarily have a set time around booked appointments or events.  But be careful not to fill it too much -- it will get overwhelming and you won't keep it up.  Cross tasks off as you do them -- you won't believe how good this feels and you'll want do more things just to be able to cross it off the list!

2.  Color code.  Now this doesn't have to be a real detailed system to work.  Just pick a different color for you, your spouse, your kids, or whoever else you need to keep track of on a daily basis.  My color is blue, my husband's is green and my girls are pink and purple.  Bills are red, blog posts are orange, etc. etc.   You can either get lots of colorful pens or pencils, or you can use regular black ink and highlight each person's appointment or task in their designated color.  Do what works for you.  That way, you'll be able to see at a glance what's going on and who it involves.

3.   Look at it.  All the expensive planners, colorful pens and cute stickers won't keep you organized if you don't look at them often.  If it's impractical to carry your planner with you, keep it in a central location (a corner of your kitchen counter or on your nightstand?) where you will most likely to check out what's on the docket for the next day.  I personally carry my planner with me just about everywhere.  
 Even if you use an electronic calendar -- the one on your phone or Google Calendar -- I think these tips will help you stay on top of your schedule. Picture
If you're wondering what kind of planner I use... I'm currently enjoying my 2014-2015 eighteen month Erin Condren Life Planner.  There are weekly and monthly views, event stickers in the back, laminated tabs, and year at a glance calendars for the next two years... among tons of other great features (and more planner paraphernalia on their website).  

If you'd like to try an ECLP, or see anything else on their website you like, use THIS LINK to get $10 off your first order!  Then tell me what you think :)

Disclaimer: I'm not getting paid to talk about Erin Condren products, except for a $10 referral credit if you decide to use my link.

<![CDATA[Sick of Junk Mail? ┬áTry This:]]>Fri, 03 Apr 2015 14:43:47 GMThttp://aorganized.com/1/post/2015/04/sick-of-junk-mail-try-this.htmlI was reading a blog post by Becky at Organizing Made Fun called "Dealing with Junk Mail", which was contributed by Jill of simplyorganizedbyjill.com.  Jill explains three important ways to reduce the mounds of junk mail in your box every day -- which will in turn reduce the piles of paper on your kitchen counter! :)

1.  Check out EcoCycle.org - a website with a page on junk mail CHOCK FULL of helpful tips & ways to reduce the amount you receive.  There are so many great resources and ideas.  

2.  Memorize and use this statement: "Do not rent, sell, or trade my name or address."
When you're filling out any kind of application, raffle form or warranty, write this next to your information.   Likewise, make sure to use this sentence when you are ordering online or by phone.  Now, I'm not sure that this works even 50% of the time, I'm not sure if it's legally binding, the page doesn't give any backup or reference for how this actually works.  BUT it can't hurt to let people and businesses know your preference to NOT receive this type of mailing.  

3. PaperKarma app - it's a free app that lets you take a picture of the junk mail you don't want and then they notify the sender to take you off their mailing list.  I haven't personally tried it, but I just downloaded it on my phone and can't wait to see what crap is in my mailbox today that I can scan & hopefully never see again!  Check out this video where PaperKarma was featured on the Today Show.

Take a look at this infographic, found in the "press" area of paperkarma's website.  I'm not a tree-hugger necessarily, but I do appreciate the many benefits of reducing paper waste.  (and I really love infographics!)

<![CDATA[Six Degrees of Organization]]>Wed, 01 Apr 2015 19:48:26 GMThttp://aorganized.com/1/post/2015/04/six-degrees-of-organization.htmlLike a well-oiled machine, our homes and lives are most efficient when all parts are moving together.  In this post, I'm going to talk about what achievOrganized can help you with, when it comes to making your home, office, kids, meal plan... LIFE all work together.  

Here are our "six degrees of organization":

#1 Your Home Spaces - Any area of your home can become disorganized.  Take a look at your closets, laundry room, kitchen cabinets and pantry, childrens' rooms, linen closets... the list goes on and on.  

We follow a 3-step process: SORT, ASSESS, STORE.  For each work area, we will help you sort through your items, while we decide what to keep, what to donate or sell, and what to recycle or throw away.  After that, we’ll decide what storage and organizing methods work best for you.  We will make a place for everything, and then put everything in its place!

#2 Photo Organization & Storage - What good is a box of pictures you can’t easily look at to recall fond memories?  When it comes to your photos & mementos, organization is so important.  We’ll help you sort through your boxes, bags, albums --and whatever else -- of photos and come up with a plan for keeping them all contained and/or displayed.  What good is that video tape of your daughter’s dance recital if you no longer even have a VCR to play it on?  We can help with (or suggest specific service providers for) media conversion, such as putting your VHS videos onto DVDs.  

#3 Office Setup & Paper Organization Systems - Whether you have a whole room dedicated to your office or a tiny desk space in your kitchen, we can help you find the best ways to organize your office supplies & machines so you can REALLY be productive when you sit down to work.  We'll work with you to set up filing systems that make sense to you so that important piece of paper is right there when you need it.     --We also organize craft spaces!--

#4 Personal Organization/Time Management/Personal or Family Budgeting - Do you have more items on your to-do list than there are hours in the day?  Are you always running late or forgetting to take out the garbage on trash day?  Often times, when your stuff is disorganized, so is your life.  When there is clutter in your home, there can also be clutter in your mind.  Let me help you prioritize and strategize so that you get the most out of every day and never forget an appointment, birthday or bill again!  

#5 Moving/Remodel Preparation & Organizing -  Did you recently move into a new house and have no idea where to start the unpacking process?  Organizing systems that worked in your previous home may not work in your new spaces.  We can help you decide where things should go, the best ways to organize what you have, and even help choose fun new storage solutions to go with your fun new home!

Are you planning a move soon?  We'll help you determine what items should go live at your new house and what you could potentially relocate instead of pack up.  Why waste valuable box and moving truck space on things you have no intention of using at your new address?  We can also help you organize home inventories and categorize your stuff so that when you get to the new house, you know exactly what goes where.

Or maybe you’re planning a remodel in your home, and you need to store some items in the interim? We'll help you decide what to keep out and what to pack up while your space is being transformed.  And, while we’re at it, let us help with choosing functional furniture and storage so that the space is organized from the get-go!

#6 Event Organization* - Are you the type of person that dreads planning parties or events?  You’re afraid you’ll forget something, or worry that people won’t attend -- or worse, won’t have fun!  Let us take some of the load off when you are organizing your next event.  Not every party or shower has to be a blow-out or magazine-worthy, but with a little planning and organization, your event can be fun and even relaxing!  

*For this service achievOrganized will be consulting only, which means that we will help you source party supplies, vendors & rental items, and assist you with whatever other planning tasks you need, but won’t attend or run the event for you.  
<![CDATA[Why achievOrganized?]]>Wed, 01 Apr 2015 19:14:58 GMThttp://aorganized.com/1/post/2015/04/why-achievorganized.htmlMany people ask why I decided to name my company “achievOrganized”.  Here’s how I answer that:

I’m Not Necessarily “Fashionable”, “Brave” or “Creative”, and I'm OK with That:
For me, one of the best compliments I can get is “Amanda, you’re so organized!”  Now, I’m not always on time (in fact…), I don’t always have the answer, and I can’t always find my keys.  BUT I believe that because my friends & family (and hopefully my clients too!) know I’m organized, they are more apt to rely on me for different things, and to see me as trustworthy and able.  To me it’s part of my personality.  Especially my “business personality”.  It’s part of who I am, and I LOVE that.  

In Which I Compare Organizing to Math-ing:
Obviously I want to help my customers “achieve” that feeling of being organized.  I do believe that the organizing gene isn’t in everyone’s DNA, but it’s possible to learn simple methods and systems to being organized.  For example, I wasn’t born with the “good-at-math” gene.  I can’t add numbers quickly and I’m horrible at telling time (SO lucky it’s more common to check your phone than your watch for the time these days), but the basics of math... I have learned (and somewhat retained). Others of us are super wonderful at math but couldn’t organize their linen closet -- on their own -- if their life depended on it.  So as a professional organizer, I help them to learn the basics of organizing, and how to apply it to everyday life.  

Don’t Just “Want: organized” -- “Achieve: organized”:
My “target” client is someone who is smart, motivated, and busy doing the things they love to do.  Organizing doesn’t come easy to them and they probably hate the idea of spending an afternoon categorizing their pantry items, but they desperately (or at least really, really) want to be organized.  So…it’s my goal to help them ACHIEVE organized.  See what I did there?  I just dropped the E at the end because I thought it looked better and I could have a check mark in my logo - alluding to my immense love and possible over-use of lists :)

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